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Brooks Blues Bar presents

“Gordon Smith - Live”

The CD was recorded live at Brooks Blues Bar on the 19th February 2011 and captures Gordon at his best, in front of a live audience accompanied by some of the best blues musicians playing in the UK.

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Gordon Smith - Guitar & Vocals

Alan Glen - Harmonica

Tim Penn - Piano

Jim Mercer - Double Bass

1.      Cincinnati Flow Rag (Rev. Gary Davis) (3.13)

2.      In The Evening (When The Sun Goes Down) (Leroy Carr) 6.24)

3.      Lonnie’s Theme (Lonnie Johnson arr. Gordon Smith) (2.52)

4.      Too Late To Cry (Lonnie Johnson) (9.54)

5.      Stone Fox Chase (Buttrey/Haley/McCoy) (5.54)

6.      Kidman Blues (Sleepy John Estes) (7.04)

7.      Ladybird (Gordon Smith) (5.24)

8.      Dorothy Mae (Joe Hill Louis) (5.25)

9.      Kind Hearted Woman Blues (Robert Johnson) (8.53)

10.  Mojo Boogie (J B Lenoir) (7.41)

11.  (I Believe I’ll) Dust My Broom (Robert Johnson) (6.42)

Track Listings


The album is about to be named as one of the ten blues albums of the year (2012) on

After his success on the Sky Arts TV program ‘GUITAR STAR’ Steve released this collection of guitar instrumentals featuring his unique guitar style and mastery of Open-Tunings and the

Slide-Guitar. All live takes without overdubs and a lot of fun.   

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1.      You Gotta Move (Mississippi Fred McDowell) (2.46)

2.      Boogie Woogie Guitar (Steve Morrison) (1.55)

3.      Midnight Blues (Steve Morrison) (3.25)

4.      Slow & Easy (Steve Morrison) (3.50)

5.      Summertime (George Gershwin) (3.50)

6.      New Shoes (Steve Morrison) (2.36)

  1. 7.     Braemar (Steve Morrison) (3.19)

  2. 8.     Easy Woman (Steve Morrison) (4.02)

9.      Kansas City (Steve Morrison) (2.53)

10.    Down By The Riverside (Traditional) (2.54)

11.    Big Night Out Blues (Steve Morrison) (2.52)

  1. 12.   It’s Alright (Steve Morrison) (1.26)

  2. 13.   Rock ‘n’ Roll Pt. 1 (Steve Morrison)  (1.55)   

  3. 14.  Trouble In Mind (Richard M. Jones) (2.36)

  4. 15.  Children Of The Grave (Black Sabbath) (3.34)

                                            All arrangements by Steve Morrison

Track Listings

Brooks Blues Bar presents

Steve Morrison “You Gotta Move”


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